7 Types of Blog Posts

What types of posts get traction? In a nutshell, posts that either hit the heart, lead you to "ah-has," consolidate insight, consolidate resources, or help you nail a task. Skellie outlines 7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic.

Types of Posts
Skellie's list of types of posts:

  • Resource lists
  • Lists of tips
  • Good advice
  • Aguing a popular point of view
  • Anything with a killer headline
  • Q&As with high profile people
  • Best of lists

Specialized Versions of Above
I think the following types of posts are variations of above, but worth calling out because of their prevalence on the Web:

  • Link lists.  This is a variation of "resource lists", but focused on links.
  • Step by steps.  This is a variation of "good advice", but provide prescriptive action.
  • Top 10 lists.  This is a variation of "lists of tips" but it's a numbered set. 

Additional Types of Posts
In addition to the types of posts above, I think there's an additional set of patterns:

  • Question / Feedback posts.  Posts that ask the community a focused question. 
  • Stories with lessons learned.
  • Blog carnival.
  • Timely hot topic. Timely posts about a relevant topic.
Comments (3)

  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    If "traction" is simply links and traffic, you can include posts that detail anything controversial in that list.

  2. En cierto modo esta es una entrada auto-referenciante (o al menos lo puede parece) porque, o mucho me equivoco, o este tipo de entradas estará en alguna de las categorías. La vi en 7 Types of Blog Posts (y yo esperaba otro tipo de análisis) y apunta

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