Blog Improvements

I did a few things to try and improve browsing and findability:

I was surprised by how many of my posts related to productivity.  Then again, I focus heavily on productivity with my mentees.  I think personal productivity is an important tool for turning their great ideas, hopes, and dreams into results.  If it's not already their strength, I want to make sure it's a least not a liability. 

On my Book Share blog, I changed themes, reorganized key features, and created a best of list.  While it may sound simple here, I actually went through quite a bit of trial and error.  I tested many, many user experience patterns and relied heavily on feedback from a trusted set of reviewers.  Although I used a satisficing strategy, I did try to make browsing the content as efficient and effective as possible.  I was surprised by how many subtle patterns and practices there are for blog layouts.  Maybe more surprising was how many anti-patterns there are.

Comments (2)

  1. tomholl says:

    Who gets to decide what’s "best"? :-p

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    I guess best is up there with beauty.  It’s in the eye of the blogholder.  Actually, I just prioritized the ones that users said gave them the greatest advantage, utility, or sat.

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