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Darren asks Which Feed Reader is Best?  I was going to just add a comment, but it quickly turned into a post.

I've used Bloglines, Google.com, Google Reader, Live.com, Newzie, OMEA Reader, and RSS Bandit.  I know I've used more that I'm forgetting.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right match for my scenarios is the key.  They all seem to continue to improve, so I find I also have to go back and re-evaluate from time to time.

For the rich desktop experience, I ended up using NewzieRob pointed me to it and I know he does a lot of feed reading and he too had tried a lot of readers.  What's interesting about Newzie is its use of color-coding to flag by time.  I also like the fact that it has multiple views, including a tree view, list view, news ticker view, and a today view.

For my "webtop" experience, I end up mostly using Live.com so I could get to my feeds from any desktop.  I created pages for different topics.  This lets me chunk up my reading experience and never get overwhelmed.  The nice thing about a page view is it's easy to scan across. 

When I help somebody get started reading feeds, if they have a Windows Live account, then I show them how to add pages and add feeds to Live.com, since I don't think it's obvious.  If they don't have a Windows Live account, then I have them download Newzie and help them add a few posts of their favorite topic, and then show them how to swtich views.

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  1. Kris says:

    I am using Google Reader. I like it. I like the ability to see the same set of feeds from work as well as home. I am gonna try the Live version of it soon.

  2. alikl says:

    I say – OL 2007. I am mobile worker so my laptop is the same – at home and at work – as opposite to Kris.

    I used live.com until now. OL 2007 is the best choise for me so far.Here is how i used it:


  3. OL 2007 is extremely slow when retrieving feeds, plus its interface is just too lightweight. For desktop aggregators I prefer Omea, but IMO nothing beats Google Reader…I especially like the sharing feature.

  4. dre says:

    nothing beats a newsreader on a windows mobile pda phone with evdo/hsdpa and a long battery life

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