Lean Software Engineering

I'm jazzed to see Corey and Bernie on the blog scene.  They're partners in crime on a Lean Software Engineering blog.  They have real advice for real people doing software.

Why listen to what Corey and Bernie have to say?  They know what they're talking about from experience.  They have the knowledge that can turn your software engineering around, if you need it.  A lot of what they know, is not well known (or at least not applied), so their blog is something of a gateway to a world of better software engineering.

Whether you shape software, build it, or manage it, you'll find insights you can use.  Here's some of the things you'll learn:

  • How do you determine the minimum deployable feature set?

  • What essential principle allows Lean development to be something more than Agile?

  • How to take an evolutionary approach to software process change?

  • Why is quality NOT the fourth variable in the project triangle?

  • How do you aggregate decentralized knowledge?

  • What happens when single-piece flow meets the V model?

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