My Tag Cleanup

I made some changes to my tag cloud and learned some lessons along the way:

  • A few useful tags are more effective than a laundry list.

  • If I have to choose between tags too often, consolidate and eliminate.

  • If I'm not using my own tags, they aren't working.

  • If my tag cloud doesn't visually reflect some hot spots, it's broken.

  • Use search for the long tails.  Tag and browse for the big buckets.

I removed the following tags:

  • Enterprise 2.0 (consolidated under Social Software)

  • General

  • Information Management (consolidated under Guidance Engineering)

  • Product Design (consolidated under Design)

  • Requirements (consolidated under Design)

  • User Experience

  • Work Tips (consolidated under Effectiveness and Project Management)

I changed the following:

  • Project -> My Projects

  • Visual Studio Team System -> Team System

I'm not satisfied with my tag set yet, but I did find some  of my old favorite posts.  There's still a few sets of posts that aren't easy enough to get to, but I'll have to think more about how to surface them.

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