Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance Now Available

The Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance whitepaper is now available!  It's a comprehensive whitepaper that covers strategies, patterns and anti-patterns for branching and merging with TFS.  You can view the branching guidance online or you can download the PDF version.

Branching Guidance Index

  • Introduction

  • Parallel Development

  • Branching Defined

  • Creating Isolation in Team Foundation Server

  • General Branching Structure Guidance

  • Branching Strategies

  • Broad Areas of Branching Isolation

  • Creating Your Branching Strategy

  • Defining Your Code Promotion Model

  • Feature Crews: How Microsoft Does It

  • End-to-End Implementation Scenario

  • Appendix

My team works closely with Graham and Mario of the Branching Guidance team as we build out our patterns & practices VSTS Guidance Project.  We're sharing learnings and synchronizing recommendations as we go along.   We'll be adding more cross-references to the Branching Guidance Project and VSTS product documentation on MSDN from our guidance so you can easily hop for more information. 

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