Meeting with Rudy

I got some face time with Rudy Araujo today.   I always enjoy our meetings because we talk about anything from security to personal productivity to future software trends.

Today, we bounced around topics including compliance, agile, systemic problems, software scenarios, security guidance for business, mash ups, virtualization,  blogging practices, password management, MindMaps, and managing action.

The highlight for me was that Rudy shared my belief that businesses need more help rationalizing how to bring security into the picture.  While there's a lot of technical guidance available, there's simply not enough prescriptive guidance for the business stack.  I've talked to analysts and customers about incrementally adopting security, but I think it's time to make that information more broadly available.

Comments (1)

  1. Thanks to JD Meier at Microsoft I have become a huge fan of mind mapping in the last few years. When

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