Prashant Bansode is Blogging

Prashant Bansode has stepped up to the blogging plate.  He's been a core member of my team for a few years.  I first met Prashant, when he reviewed our Improving .NET Performance and Scalability.   I was impressed by his attention to detail, focus on the customer, and keeping things real.  Next, we teamed up on .NET 2.0 Securirty Guidance, exploring new models for more consumable guidance.  During this adventure, I found that Prashant was a developer who could do it and write about it -- a trait I value.  Our next adventure was Guidance Explorer -- an R&D experiment around building tooling to help change the guidance game.  We learned a lot about innovation, distributed teams, scenario-driven engineering, and shipping software incrementally and iteratively.   Our latest adventures include learning how to build guidance projects on CodePlex:  Performance Testing Guidance and Visual Studio Team System Guidance.

Prashant has worn many hats throughout our adventures together -- developer, tester, writer, mentor  ... you name it.  He's a true case of student becomes the teacher.  Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Prashant at his new blog:  PAB's World  (Prashant uses his initials).

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