30 Days of Living Foods Ends Today

Today ends my 30 day experiment eating living foods.  I'm a burger and pizza boy at heart, so this was a big change.  Friends and family noticed my slimmer look and healthy glow.  A friend of mine said I found the Fountain of Youth.

Here's what I noticed:

  • dropped 12 pounds

  • had enough energy to start working out again

  • shed my skin

  • eliminated sinus issues I had for a life time

  • stayed healthy while others got sick

  • maintained peak performance throughout my days

  • got the eye of the tiger back

I didn't expect to shed my skin so that surprised me, but I liked what was underneath.  I was also surprised by how some issues were dietary vs. natural.  Nature vs. nurture strikes again! 

Friends asked me what practices I'll carry forward:

  • more water over soda

  • balance my bad foods with more good foods (I'll eat my veggies - Mom will be proud)

  • raw vegetables over cooked

  • stick with my workouts (again to balance my bad foods)

  • more frequent meals

Most importantly, I learned how to effectively do living foods for 30 days.  This means, I can choose to do 30 day tune ups throughout the year.  What I walk away with is a better idea of how foods affect me, how to balance my bad foods with good, and how to tune my body when I get run down (or need to fend the flu season).

We're such thinking, feeling, doing creatures at heart and food has such a big impact on the way we think and feel.  I'm going to explore more options.  A friend of mine suggested testing intuitive eating, where you eat what your body craves, not what you mind thinks it wants.

Comments (4)

  1. Curphey 007 says:

    Brilliant. Check out You Are What You Eat, a UK Channel 4 documentary. My wife and I did it and also had similar results. I look forward to seeing the slimmer JD sometime soon !

  2. noahc says:

    Wow, what significant improvements!  Quite encouraging I must say.  Did you cut out all junk food during the 30 days?  Did you only eat fruits & vegetables?

  3. Each month I pick a focus or a theme for my improvement sprint.  I find it’s easier to start and

  4. Justin says:



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