Deep Enterprise 2.0 Penetration

In Now THAT's What I'm Talking About! , Andrew McAfee writes about a case study of deep Enterprise 2.0 penetration:

"Highly popular, and highly useful.  I find that the sites I visit most often these days are ones that give me 'the latest.'  They help me stay on top of (or at least feel like I'm staying on top of) the world, the blogosphere, and my personal network of people and content.  This page does the same thing at the company level for AARF employees.  It gives them 'the latest' about their work environment.  And it does so in a bottom-up and egalitarian fashion.  This page doesn't contain the latest information that the company's senior managers, or its IT staffers, think employees should know about; it contains the latest information that employees think employees should know about."

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