patterns and practices Performance Testing Guidance

We have a new Performance Testing Guidance project in progress.  Our team includes some of the original members from Improving .NET Application Performance as well as some new faces.  We're tackling various flavors of performance testing (stress, load, capacity) as well as how to bake performance testing into your life cycle.  We're also tackling how to use Visual Studio 2005 for effective performance testing.

We're building our performance testing BOG (Body of Guidance) in three parts:

  1. Methodologies 

  2. Techniques

  3. Visual Studio 2005 Performance Testing Guidance

This factoring let's us create both a focused set of timeless performance testing practices, as well as a set of very specific practices for getting the most out of the tool.  You can pick the modules you need for your tasks at hand.

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  1. JD Meier , a Program Manager in the Patterns and Practices Group, let me know about a new set of guidance

  2. "The purpose of this project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around doing performance

  3. Here’s a quick rundown of our patterns & practices VSTS related Guidance projects. It’s a combination

  4. We released the final version of our patterns & practices Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications

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