MyLifeBits vs. Mental Snapshots

Yesterday's snowfall in Redmond was interesting for me.  During my drive home, it was pretty dark, icy and cold.  As I came up Old Redmond Road, I saw an object coming towards me, moving somewhat erratically, that looked too small to be a car.

It wasn't a car at all.  It was a cross-country skier making his way down the middle of the road, followed by a trail of cars.  I'm not sure at what point the street looked like good skiing and I don't know if he had an exit strategy, but he did seem to be having fun and going the speed limit.

I had my digital camera with me, but I forgot to use it.  I was more focused on skating my car down the right side of the road.  By the time I got home, I had a bunch of "mental snapshots" of various scenes along the way home, but nothing in hand to share. 

That got me thinking of the MyLifeBits project.  MyLifeBits is effectively software for "lifelogging" or archiving your life on disk.  Although it's a bit extreme for me, there are times where I wish I automatically had more than just the mental snapshots.

Comments (2)

  1. Rebecca Piela says:

    I know what you could do— draw it.Make it art work. You have the talent-how awesome would it be to see little sketches as how YOU saw it.

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