Strategic Stories

I'm realizing more and more how stories help you drive a point home.  It's one thing to make a point, it's another for your story to make the point for you.  If your ideas aren't sticking, or you're not getting buy in, maybe a compelling story is the answer. 

Crafting useful stories is an art, and, now, apparently a science.  Srinath pointed me to Stories at Work on    The video shares a story about using stories as a catalyst for change and a recipe for good strategic stories:

  1. Make stories short (1 -2 minutes) so they can be retained
  2. Limit stories to no more than 2 or 3 characters, so it's easy to follow
  3. Build your story around a singular message.
  4. Tell your story in the present tense so participants can relate
  5. Use powerful images to tie to a theme
  6. Repeat a phrase or word that is the essence of your message

The value of the stories is they help you engage people and they have a more powerful recall than slides, facts and figures.

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