How I think about the Windows Vista platform

There are a ton of new features in the Windows Vista platform (thousands of new APIs), some of which are accessible on Windows XP and Server 2003 via redistributable runtimes.  Because of those runtimes, we often hear confusion from partners about how exactly we define the Windows Vista platform and how developer should think about…


Windows Vista software logo guidelines draft available

I just discovered that an early draft (version .5) of the logo guidelines for Windows Vista software is available here.  It’s only a draft, but it gives you a good idea of the basics you have to implement in order to qualify for the Windows Vista logo.  Enjoy!


Developer’s guide to new Vista APIs

Last month, the MSDN team published a doc that’s long been in the works — a developer’s introduction to some of the new APIs in Windows Vista.  The real meat is in the .chm file (self-extracting exe), with some sample code and detailed API info. This is only a start, and it covers only a…


How to build a great Windows Vista app

One of the goodies that PDC attendees will find in their swag bag is a poster called “Lighting up on Windows Vista”.  It lists the top 10 things developers can do to build apps that will run like a dream on our new OS release. We’ve now posted a short whitepaper that adds some technical…


PDC registration now open

I have a long list of backlogged things to post about…but for now, I just want to quickly note that registration is open!  We also posted 50+ session titles — these aren’t the final titles, but they give a pretty good flavor for the kinds of things we’ll be covering.  You’ll see some info about…


Now hiring: Longhorn Technical Evangelists

My team is looking to hire two new technical evangelists to focus on Longhorn.  The positions are all about helping developers take advantage of new platform features unique to Longhorn.  As an evangelist, your job is to understand what the product team is building, distill it all down to a simple explanation of value for…


Non administrator: running with least privilege

A reader emailed me a question about running under a non-administrator account in Windows today, which prompted me to do a little MSNSearch-ing.  That lead me very quickly to Aaron Margosis’s excellent blog.  If you are interested in how you can get by in life without having to run every process as an admin, check…


Stunning PDC details revealed!

Okay, maybe not so stunning, but in response to several requests that have come in from commenters and private email, I’m happy to be able to share a few key details that might help those of you trying to figure out your conference plans and budget for the rest of the calendar year.   Content:…


PDC planning and your input

Back in January, my manager (Steve Cellini) mentioned that he’d kindly volunteered me to be Content Owner for PDC.  I haven’t blogged about that yet, as I’ve been spending the past 6 weeks trying to get my head wrapped around what exactly it is that I’m supposed to be doing.  I’m finally starting to get…