Whidbey MSDN docs

I spent a frustrating few minutes googling (and MSNSearching) for the online class reference and samples for the Whidbey version of WinForms.  I couldn’t get any promising hits from my searches.  But a little manual searching turned up the complete reference, as part of the WinFX SDK on MSDN.  There, alongside docs for Avalon, are…


Evangelism jobs available

Our team is looking to hire some new evangelists.  Here are the details and links to information on the Microsoft.com jobs site.  We are starting to interview for some of these positions, so if you’re interested, 1) apply via the website, and 2) send me a note via this blog once your application/resume are in the…


InfoWorld Top 100 IT projects of 2004

A colleague sent around a link to InfoWorld’s write-up of their top 100 IT projects for 2004: “As judges, our editors have an explicit bias toward multiple technologies used in innovative ways to serve well-defined business goals.”   The web site links to profiles of 7 of the projects.  4 of those relied on MS…


Useful, and free: Lookout, XP Backup

Nothing better than finding a couple of free utilities that are actualy useful. Lookout: this is a local search client that integrates with Outlook.  I am quite impressed, it took about 15 minutes to index my exchange content, plus a couple .pst archives, plus everything in My Documents.  Now I can do full text search…


SP2 working well for me

With SP2 released and available via Windows Update, I wanted to update all my machines.  Here’s my brief summary of how my upgrades went. Home machine #1: Toshiba Portege R100.  Upgraded from XP SP1 to SP2 via Windows Update.  Results: Flawless.  Install completed without a hitch, the machine is running great, and wireless is behaving better…


BusinessWeek on the LH changes

I hadn’t seen this one referenced anywhere else…so here it is, with no additional comments from me 😉 And then it seems like Jay Greene expanded on this original reporting for an article in the magazine, now available via Yahoo!.  I wish he’d talked to some ISVs to get their opinions, rather than just Mike…


What happened to WinFS?

Friday’s announcement has left a lot of people asking what happened to WinFS?  The short answer is: nothing.  But a lot happened to Windows. As I explained in my previous post, the customer and developer feedback we’ve been getting was consistent on two points: We want to start using WinFX as soon as possible, and we…


What happened to Longhorn?

Well, that was an exciting announcement.  There’s a good CNET interview with BillG that provides insight into the decision.  Here’s my perspective on what happened We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from customers about WinFX.  Among the things we heard: Indigo is great, but I need to use the same communications API for all my apps,…


Jon Udell’s blogs turn into a cover story

Jon Udell has turned his series of blog entries on Longhorn into an InfoWorld cover story .  His editor makes the point that the blogging drove some great discussion and contributions to the final article.  It’s cool to see that discussions I took part in with Jon, like here and here, had an impact on…


Allocating aligned memory in Windows

A question came up on an internal alias about allocating memory blocks along page alignments, and it was harder than I expected to find the answer.  So here is the link to _aligned_malloc on MSDN, and now Google can work its magic. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/vclib/html/vclrf_aligned_malloc.asp _aligned_mallocAllocates memory on a specified alignment boundary.