IE 7 security is already making a difference

I’ve been using various beta builds of IE 7 for several months now, and I am really impressed with the new security features and default settings.  I’ve seen gold bar and address bar warnings that highlight real issues with real commercial sites as I’ve been using the web.  It’s really amazing to find big commerce sites that don’t have their SSL certs set up correctly, for example.  I’ve seen multiple sites running with expired certs, as well as sites that have mismatched certs (so the cert for is used on, which IE flags as a potential security issue).  I even discovered a Microsoft product (in beta) that ships an unisgned ActiveX control.  In each case, when I send an email to let the owners know of the problem, they fix things up, but it’s really been interesting seeing how many folks just don’t get this right.  I think IE 7 will raise awareness of these issues, which is a good thing.



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  1. SwathingScientist says:

    I find the new browser excellant as well,except for one aspect I sincerely wish they’d change(the IE7 beta team).With the old IE 6,when clicking on File,to send a link to a friend,you had a choice there:Send Link To Page,or:Send Page.Now,with the new browser,they’ve eliminated that choice and don’t think it’s wise.Now,you can only send entire page,which,via Msn,my ISP,goes out as an attachment.Nobody likes/wants,attachments.Hopefully,before they are done with this browser and it becomes a full version,they’ll change that so that the only choice is to send a link.Thanks

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