You too can look like MS Office 2007

Today we announced a new licensing program for the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface components.  Licensing UI in this way is something for new Microsoft, but it should work out well for developers who want to take advantage of all the research that went into the UI to improve the usability of their own applications…


Setting AutoArchive properties on a folder hierarchy in Outlook 2007

Is there anything more fun than writing custom VBA macros to solve a problem you face in your favorite app?  Actually, I’m sure there’s lots that’s more fun.  But, since I went through the pain of figuring this out, I figured I’d post here for posterity and see if anyone else found it useful.  The…


How I think about the Windows Vista platform

There are a ton of new features in the Windows Vista platform (thousands of new APIs), some of which are accessible on Windows XP and Server 2003 via redistributable runtimes.  Because of those runtimes, we often hear confusion from partners about how exactly we define the Windows Vista platform and how developer should think about…


IE 7 security is already making a difference

I’ve been using various beta builds of IE 7 for several months now, and I am really impressed with the new security features and default settings.  I’ve seen gold bar and address bar warnings that highlight real issues with real commercial sites as I’ve been using the web.  It’s really amazing to find big commerce…


Using App Verifier to catch dangerous C++ code

One of the very cool things about the Visual Studio Team System 2005 release is that it includes a number of tools for code robustness that were developed for internal use at Microsoft.  Many of the same tools that the Windows team and others use to improve their code quality are available to the broader…


Windows Vista software logo guidelines draft available

I just discovered that an early draft (version .5) of the logo guidelines for Windows Vista software is available here.  It’s only a draft, but it gives you a good idea of the basics you have to implement in order to qualify for the Windows Vista logo.  Enjoy!


Developer’s guide to new Vista APIs

Last month, the MSDN team published a doc that’s long been in the works — a developer’s introduction to some of the new APIs in Windows Vista.  The real meat is in the .chm file (self-extracting exe), with some sample code and detailed API info. This is only a start, and it covers only a…