PDC 05 videos online (with a few issues)

Many folks have noticed that Mike Swanson's weeks of hard work have paid off, and the full video, PPT and demo recordings of PDC 05 sessions are now online (and that the DVD sets for attendees will be on the way soon as well.)  Seems like the videos are quite popular.

With great popularity comes great responsibility, though...or something like that.  We know of two issues so far.

First, performance has slowed considerably.  Our vendor knows about the issue and they are trying to add bandwidth now.

Second, we've heard that the site doesn't work if you're not using IE.  We're going to look into that also.  The history of the the HTML up there is that it started life as an .hta application that we use as the auto-run experience.  I don't think anyone on the content planning team ever specifically asked in what browsers the site would be tested, but we're catching up now 😉  I'm waiting to hear back from the vendor to figure out what quick fixes, if any, we can make.

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