Survey: what value have you gotten out of PDC?

12 devs in a focus group may not be able to represent the entire dev community, but surely my 10's of readers do, right?  Well, maybe not, but still I'd like to know more about what value you get out of dev conferences.  I created a short survey at, for those who are willing to share their opinions with me.  There also a few questions up there about programming languages in use, job roles, etc, which will help me as we go through the content creation process.  You don't want to know how many crazy debates we get into about which talks should highlight C# vs. C++ vs. VB.NET in their demo code 😉

Comments (3)

  1. Jeremy posted a survey to get your feedback on the PDC… I filled it out with my bias, so you better get…

  2. I enjoyed PDC’03 tremendously and the balance between emerging (longhorn/whidbey/etc) and existing technologies (1.1/SQL2000/etc) was very good.

    However I felt that the sessions on existing technologies tended to affirm best practices that attendees had generally worked out for themselves in working with the technology. Some more sessions (and there were some) which bridge the gap by pushing the existing technology for experienced users would have been very useful.

    Timing of this PDC may make this a moot point and I will fill in the survey but that’s my 10 pence worth.

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