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Our team is looking to hire some new evangelists.  Here are the details and links to information on the Microsoft.com jobs site.  We are starting to interview for some of these positions, so if you’re interested, 1) apply via the website, and 2) send me a note via this blog once your application/resume are in the system.


Three of the positions we have open are what I’d consider to be typical technical evangelism roles, each one focusing on a different technology area:

evangelizing ISVs to build on the Whidbey .NET FX and WinFX, evangelizing developer tools and components developers to add Whidbey and WinFX support to their products, and evangelizing those same tools and components folks to integrate their functionality directly into VisualStudio (via VSIP).


These three positions are all about developing expertise in a particular technology, being able to simply and memorably demonstrate the value of that technology to other developers, and helping early adopter customers succeed in implementing the technology.  You’ll work not only with partners and customers at leading ISVs and enterprise IT shops, but also with hundreds of other Microsoft evangelists worldwide who will take your message to their local partners.  Most of the technical evangelists on the team have experience building products, as either developers or as program managers, and they tend to be the sorts of folks who look forward to giving talks at conferences.


We also have two positions (here and here) with a slightly different focus.  While all our evangelists are expected to understand both technical and business value, I’d say these two particular positions require more on the business value side, and less on the technical side.  They’re more about very clearly articulating how Microsoft technologies will deliver compelling business value to a particular company or market segment – and doing so directly to a CxO level executive at one of those companies.  Less experience as a programmer in favor of more experience doing product planning or business development might make you a better fit for these jobs, although you’ll still be expected to have a strong grasp of the technology.

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