Windows 7 Beta in Virtual PC 2007 – BSOD in Fs_Rec.sys after adding VM Additions

EDIT: UPDATE: SP1 fixes this!  Yay!!!

Others seem to have run it with no problems, and I installed it and ran fine (installed the update as well, even though there wouldn't be any mp3 files on that VM).  However, attempting to install the VM Additions (VPC resulted in a busted driver.


Bonus points if you happened to notice that incorrect use of "it's" instead of "its" in the highlighted error message.

I'm not the only one hitting it, at least... but as I type this, it's the only hit by my search.

Since others at least claim to have it working under VPC 2007 fine, I'm not sure what's different about ours (host OS for me is up-to-date Vista), but for now I'm having to stick without VM Additions (System Restore worked great! :), which is pretty painful.

Since I have to System Restore in order to get back to bootable, I'm guessing the relevant memory dump / WER data isn't getting sent, but I haven't dug into that as of yet.

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  1. mmendoza says:

    I, too, got the DSOD and had to do a system restore.  I had selected Vista as my host OS from the list when I initially set up my VM.

    Will there be a different installer for Windows 7?

  2. satchx says:

    Have this issue x2 on two different Vista machines … don’t suppose you are running Vista x64 are you?  That’s about only consistency between my two boxes … vista 64 business and vista 64 ultimate.  Just a thought.

  3. says:

    I was having this issue as well until I installed Virtual PC Service Pack 1.  I first restored Windows 7 back before the install of the OLD VM additions.  I then installed Virtual PC service pack 1, then I installed the VM additions and it works great now.

  4. Martin installed the Windows 7 public beta in a Virtual PC. All was well until he installed the VM Additions.

  5. rossco says:

    Getting same problem here on Virtual Server 2005 R2 (hosted on a 32bit Win 2003 Server)

  6. says:

    Hey guys, found the fix though. I too had the older VPC2007SP1 installed (6.0.156). I upgraded my VPC to the latest build (6.0.192) and tried the newer vmadditions. It works now. So check your VPC versions and make sure you upgrade (or replace the vmadditions with the newer one.)

  7. I just installed my 3rd version of Windows7 (this time into a VPC Image) and I remember hearing online

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