“Pasting” attachments to work items in Visual Studio

Today I deleted my CodePlex project TfsPasteAttachment It was (up until today) located @ http://tfspasteattachment.codeplex.com/ Since the functionality had been removed from the product during Whidbey, the codeplex project was an add-in that added it back for people still using Visual Studio (more specifically, Team Explorer) 2005.  However, since the functionality went back in with…


Sending feedback about “Send Feedback”

[EDIT: found the relevant blog post which points to the instructions MSDN subscribers have to use, so I can now use the Send Feedback links 🙂] It was a little disconcerting that I can’t even successfully send feedback.  Now, I’d be happy to report that I had a failure trying to send feedback, but where’s…

Having to uninstall PowerShell (still) makes me sad

This isn’t new to Windows 7 (I got the same when upgrading from XP to Vista).  However, it still feels like we’re “punishing” one of the user subsections that don’t deserve it (especially since I’m in it! 🙂  Trust me, I “get” that it’s not a very populous subsection (unfortunately 🙂 so on the list…

upgrading to SP1 fixes VM Additions for Win7 Beta!

Many thanks to reader ajcg whose comment in my previous post was spot-on.  Once I upgraded VPC 2007 to SP1, then the Virtual Machine Additions version that got installed into the guest (Win7) was 13.820 which was recent enough to work on Win7! Yay!  More recent versions of VM Additions should work as well, but…


Windows 7: fully de-Hitler’d

(note to those that it’s not obvious to: this is a joke… laugh!) It turns out this xkcd comic is a little behind the times – we de-Hitler’d over 5 years ago!


Windows 7 + Alpha Squad 7 = overload o’ awesome

Clearly someone on the Win7 team is a fan of Colbert’s comic! 😉  At least, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it until Tek himself says otherwise! 🙂      


Windows 7 Beta in Virtual PC 2007 – BSOD in Fs_Rec.sys after adding VM Additions

EDIT: UPDATE: SP1 fixes this!  Yay!!! Others seem to have run it with no problems, and I installed it and ran fine (installed the update as well, even though there wouldn’t be any mp3 files on that VM).  However, attempting to install the VM Additions (VPC resulted in a busted driver. Bonus points if…