powershell script – find orphaned C# files

I ran across a C# file that had been removed from its csproj file, but it hadn’t been deleted from version control.  So I wrote a script (Chris Sidi had already written one, though) to find the .cs files that weren’t in the “containing” .csproj file   param([string]$csproj = $(throw ‘csproj file is required’)) $csproj…


macro to "organize usings" for a project

I won’t claim this is efficient, or well-written, or whatever, but it WorksForMe and I figured I’d share.  Feel free to post better versions in the comments or on your own blog and add a link as a comment 🙂 Option Strict Off Option Explicit Off Imports System Imports EnvDTE Imports EnvDTE80 Imports EnvDTE90 Imports…


Enterprise Edition

What’s your favorite?   Chris Rathjen‎‎ [9:05 AM]: i take it you want enterprise? ‎‎James Manning‎‎ [9:05 AM]: NCC-1701 *D* please ‎‎Chris Rathjen‎‎ [9:05 AM]: dude the E kicks the D’s ass ‎‎James Manning‎‎ [9:06 AM]: yeah, it does but D has more sentimental value to me ‎‎Chris Rathjen‎‎ [9:06 AM]: true true