HashTab – easily see the hashes for files

While wanting to verify the hash of a dd-wrt firmware I downloaded, I read about this app called HashTab that makes it a simple shell extension.  What a great idea!  The license agreement phase of the install states it simply enough:


I love that you have to click "I Agree" to that statement 🙂

Now the properties for the file included its hashes 🙂


Those are just the hashes that are enabled by default, it has many more available!  Here’s the set of hashes from the same file when I turned them all on 🙂

HAVAL: FE69E1E152A34B6280F6C7F0E4ED4A07537B590DF50D6F011B60CED313CBF7A5
MD2: 458B0DCCA172D4029773A54C52BF121F
MD4: ADF1D24F7EBA0C45DD0E51322C906B4C
MD5: FEE2396286CCCE8D2FE9F276A78B9959
RIPEMD-128: 749C8EB8AA787C9BD172BB4BEE04FF6A
RIPEMD-256: 5F4354343BF96290D20576C169CDA6774A5F7663765FA48C3D8D89C25D5BC4BE
RIPEMD-320: 26C0FC8BB03AE1C7CFA10318BD9645B240D6AECE5EB279A5B5869CE043DB5FA7950593C49FC68F03
SHA-1: B3879302048EC43738DED8A186D948B73DDDB5FE
SHA-512: D6984C3CB28FFD51E2BFA612605504A0739AD651296129FA31FDB160A787BF0B6C39C226E673F0AA95024F891971C7E49ED3F8482060C2C82B6FE61CD6F1C25A
Tiger: 27EB3BAF4CA4EE25425480CCD4CD30CE9983CB5836D98C4B
Whirlpool: BBC6D5B1CD4D4427DA556B53AB7DA7F0608CEAACA1C2BD6540695ABBFADF6FC9362A821573203973B8C85EE69073419AD5F7AEE447A060F045E6FDE4E4F48DF1

Most importantly for me, of course, that matched the hash in the md5sums file:


fee2396286ccce8d2fe9f276a78b9959  ./dd-wrt.v23 SP2/mini/dd-wrt.v23_mini_generic.bin

Comments (2)

  1. skrymsli says:

    Hey James,

    When I made HashTab, I started with the license agreement. The hashing and the shell extension are merely implementation details of the license agreement. Glad it was useful to you.

    Cody Batt

  2. gduncan411 says:

    You rock! Where has this been for my whole Windows life?

    I am SO making this a default/standard part of all my Windows systems.

    Thanks for posting this (and thanks even more to Cody for writing it!)