collection and property initializers are so nice

I happened to change a piece of code over the weekend and used both.  It’s a tiny piece of code, so I thought it would make a good example of just how much readable code is using them. Before: List<Property> p = new List<Property>(1); Property pr = new Property(); pr.Name = “Description”; pr.Value = Description;…


Hyper-V has shipped! Many people on our team (including myself, of course) have been running pre-RTM bits (the beta that came with Windows Server 2008, RC0, RC1, and their escrow build), and we’ve been extremely happy with it.  It’s light-years ahead of Virtual PC / Virtual Server.  I’ve already consolidated 4 of my previous machines down to…


Another James loss == another customer win

For those keeping score, last time it was Windows Server 2008. For various reasons (that I won’t bother reiterating here, since there’s no value in doing so), I wanted to make our next release 64-bit-only.  There’s a little bit of precedence in that Exchange 2007 had already done so, and the way we’re currently thinking…


HashTab – easily see the hashes for files

While wanting to verify the hash of a dd-wrt firmware I downloaded, I read about this app called HashTab that makes it a simple shell extension.  What a great idea!  The license agreement phase of the install states it simply enough: I love that you have to click "I Agree" to that statement 🙂 Now…


Odd Server 2008 link speed issue

Despite having a 1 Gbps Intel network card plugged into a 100Mbps switch, my Link Speed claims 10Gbps.  So, while I’m pushing 75Mbps of traffic (copying the vhd file as per previous blog post), it claims a network utilization of 0.75% instead of 75%. Other co-workers (that happen to have the same kind of machine/card)…


Giving full trust to a network share

Tan’s post reminded me that I never got around to posting this silly batch script that I use.  As you can see with Tan’s example, you can call this with just a hostname, or hostname/sharename, or whatever.  For both of us, we’re ripping off Shawn’s original blog post on the topic that gives more details…


You can’t run HyperV in a HyperV VM

I didn’t think it would work, but I was trying it yesterday because of the OS requirements for SCVMM 2008 Beta. Of course, you can run Virtual PC under Hyper-V (or Virtual Server, or VMWare, or whatever)