Brian the Build Bunny ownz those Watership Down rabbits

Maybe I’m the only one, but that movie gave my 6-year-old self quite the nightmares.  I don’t think my parents got the memo.

Unlike many animated features, the film faithfully emulated the dark and violent sophistication of the book. As a result, many reviewers took to warning parents that children might find the content highly disturbing.

Anyway, back on topic (me? digress? nevah!) … hop on over and check out Martin’s post unveiling the glory that is BtBB.  The YouTube video is well done and far less likely to cause nightmares 🙂

Brian is a Nabaztag smart rabbit.  He reads out details of check-ins and builds.  If a build has failed then his ears go down to show how sad he feels, but if you fix the build his ears will soon pick up again.

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