PowerShell – coming (in the box!) to a Longhorn Server near you

On my birthday (Feb 15th), I got some great news that I haven't been able to share publicly until today.

Longhorn Server (as of Beta3) will include PowerShell!

Also included:

  • Quest Software announced further development of two new free products that leverage PowerShell: Active Directory cmdlets (tools) for managing Active Directory and PowerGUI, a GUI based tool for working with PowerShell cmdlets and writing PowerShell scripts.  They'll be demoing these in my talk tomorrow.  Find out more at PowerGUI.org and www.quest.com

  • /n software (www.nsoftware.com) announced PowerShell Remoting which provides a secure, remoting solution for Windows PowerShell based on SSH that provides interactive, object-based remoting and remoting to non-Windows devices and operating systems. While the first version of Windows PowerShell provides native support for remoting via WMI, it does not provide interactive remoting for other Windows data sources such as the registry or certificates. /n Software has also previously announced NetCmdlets which provides extensive networking management capabilities via cmdlets.

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