PowerShell provider for SharePoint

There's been a good number of times that I wanted to access some docs from a sharepoint document library (remember, that project portal in TFS is an instance of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0) without having to use their web interface.  Today I ran across a PowerShell provider that supports exactly that.

Currently it only works if SharePoint's on the same machine (so in the TFS case, you have to be logged in to the application tier), but it's a great start!  Glad to see that WSS 3.0 is in progress, as well!


Now, for a copy-paste blockquote to keep this post from being too short and hitting someone's own version of the slashdot lameness filter.

What is it?

A full PowerShell provider for exposing WSS/SPS 2003 (support for 2007 coming) as a filesystem. Administer your SharePoint installation with familiar copy/move/rename/delete and new-item metaphors. Move users between roles, copy users between webs; use the full power of the shell to script away the pain of GUI based mass-management.


At the moment, you can only install this onto a machine that has a local installation of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 (WSS) and/or SharePoint Portal Server 2003. So, you need:

  • WSS 2.0 and/or SPS 2003
  • Windows Powershell 1.0
  • .NET 2.0 runtime

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