C# quiz answer – yes it compiles, and here’s why

Got a few good comments to the quiz post, but nobody that commented got it right.  I went ahead and sent the quiz on an internal C# mailing list, and to nobody’s surprise, multiple people got it right 🙂 The key bit of information is that the one thing you can add to the Class2…


Today’s C# quiz – does this compile?

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { IEnumerable<Inter1> ienum1 = new Class1[] { new Class1() }; foreach (Class2 c in ienum1) { Console.WriteLine(c); } } } public interface Inter1 { } public class Class1 : Inter1 { } public class Class2 { }


Wishlist item: PowerGUI extension for TFS

I was playing around with a recent update to Quest’s PowerGUI ( and I’m really liking how it’s coming along (make sure to watch Jeffrey and Dmitry’s video if you haven’t already) I was kind of hoping that by now there would be a PowerGUI extension for TFS, but no such luck as of this…


Movie you need to watch – King of Kong

Had a fun time visiting with Chad this weekend.  We played Halo 3 co-op and beat it a little faster than I expected and had a packed weekend including a party at Kate’s house, Cowboys game, riding around in his convertible, etc. But the techie piece of that weekend that merits a post on this…


Quick question-and-answer session about SQL instance support

I got an email from a co-worker asking a few questions about Orcas support for SQL named instances. Here’s his questions and my answers: What is the syntax that you are supporting in TFSADMINUTIL renamedt? same as connection strings – hostname and hostname\instance and hostname,port SQL Browser is not going to necessary for sure right?…


The Firefox-ism I miss the most using IE7

It came up during a conversation with a friend that I use IE7 at work as my browser even though it’s mostly Firefox at home – this isn’t because Firefox is forbidden internally (some use it and even mention so on their external blogs, especially for testing obviously since things like Silverlight need to work…

One of my favorite Eclipse-isms comes to VS!

Some of my former jobs involved doing java development in Eclipse.  One thing I missed when joining Microsoft and using Visual Studio was the “Organize Imports” that Eclipse had.  While reading ScottGu’s blog today, I noticed that Orcas now has it!  Yay!  

I need to get a life.. I think

I was reading a man page today… If netcat makes you rich somehow and you’re feeling generous, mail me a check.  If you are affiliated in any way with Microsoft Network, get a life.  Always ski in control. I work at Microsoft, although not in MSN.  Am I affiliated in some way?  I fear I may…


ϐeta 2 – Electric Boogaloo

As Batman and Robin announced, Beta2 is out.  This is especially super crazy exciting (or maybe just super super exciting?) for my team since it’s the first TFS release that includes our work on the new TFS setup.  Since it was such a huge pain point with V1, please install to a named instance of SQL…


Offline mode in Orcas

Today I happened to hit the offline mode dialog in Orcas, albeit unintentionally: