IEnumerable is still great for lazy fetching

This isn’t really a quiz per se, just a reiteration of how IEnumerable can be great for getting a pseudo-collection of something that you know will still change in the future and you want to include those updates. This includes some generic type inferencing, and params usage, and Console.WindowWidth, but overall isn’t really interesting in…


useless benchmarking

This is admittedly, for the most part, useless, but over a lunch last week I had mentioned writing this out of curiosity and there was a request to post it.  As with all benchmarks, if you actually take any numbers this produces as gospel on how to code your application, go get your head checked….


VS 2005 code snippet for a typical event

If you follow the guidelines, events have a decent chunk of boilerplate code – they’ll typically have an associated EventArgs subclass (typically with an Empty property), they’ll have the event declaration, and then they’ll have the OnEvent method to raise the event. Since it’s boilerplate (in many cases, certainly not all), it’s ripe for a…


back to basics – three-way file merge

I had planned on writing a medium-sized post about three-way merge, mainly just as a foundation to make sure we’re all on the same page.  However, after doing a quick search (using the new MSN Search Engine since I had done the same search with Google yesterday and didn’t like the results, although that’s admittedly…