What formats can I specify for date/time with the tf.exe command-line?

The tf.exe command-line accepts multiple ways of specifying a version – changeset number, T (latest), workspace version, label, and date/time.  For the others it tends to be pretty clear how to specify that version (C123, T, Wsomeworkspace;owner, Lsomelabel) but it may not be clear how we parse the date/time version specifiers.  Since we’re a managed…


Monad version of "find changesets with overrides"

I already made the C# version but since I had made the Team Foundation Version Control provider for Monad last weekend (hopefully it can be a powertoy soon), I wanted to make a Monad version of this – one of the primary reasons is flexibility – once you have a script that just filters it down…


Attempt to find your already-committed shelvesets

I’m apparently a shelveset packrat.  I’m not really sure how it happened, but it did (well, gauntlet not deleting them combined with me not wanting to reuse a name, but still).  I noticed yesterday that I had 89 shelvesets, and I knew a good chunk of them had already been committed, but I couldn’t really tell…


Scanning history for the changesets that had policy override – simple usage of QueryHistory

This needs references to Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll and Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll – it’s intentionally simple and you can easily change the loop to include more information as desired, it’s just to show usage of the API mainly. Note that since we (intentionally) go backwards in our changesets via the IEnumerable, the order of the output will be reverse chronological….