JohnLawr up on Channel9 – check it out!

The title says Sonal, but this video is really about JohnLawr talking about some of the goodness in Team Foundation.  There's a lot of good info in this video, and he shows some of the various parts working together. Some of (many) things you'll see and hear:

  • Source Control Explorer brought up from the Team Explorer
  • Check-in policy (the TF-included one that forces an associated work item) being added to a team project
  • Check-in policy being enforced in the Pending Changes window
  • John associating a bug with the checkin, and the policy is then satisfied and he can check in.
  • After checking in, the bug showing, both in the history and in the Links tab, the associated changeset, and being able to bring up the changeset details from that link.
  • Creating a new team build type, then kicking off a build and seeing it in progress
  • Showing the build report that lists the work items fixed in this build, changesets new to this build, test results, etc.
  • An explanation of why Team Foundation doesn't do VSS-style sharing
  • A quick explanation of branching (why/how) (as John mentions, it could be its own episode)
  • An explanation of how Office does branching vs. how DevDiv (VS, CLR, etc.) currently does branching
  • Quick explanation of branch promotion
  • Explanation of some setup/config differences between TF beta2 and beta3 (also see Brian Harry's post for a great list of the feature/experience differences)
  • Showing off the Excel integration, especially mentioning the important beta3 change showing Excel bound to a query instead of a set of particular work items.
Check it out!

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