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Maintaining and customizing demo data on business applications is a challenge nonetheless is a key factor for successful demonstrations. As a Presales consultant you’re faced with having to maintain for instance, up-to-date transactions on prospect local currency and to customize prospect items, customer, and supplier information.

The enclosed demo data utilities are designed to assist on the tasks of updating and customizing the standard demo data provided for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Please note, these utilities are designed for demo purposes and not meant to be used in production or implementation environments.

This kit includes 3 utilities:

  • Data customization: MS Excel add-in which facilitates the task of renaming/customizing data relating to items, customers and suppliers.


  • Change dates: utility for moving all dates of all transactions and master data, backward/forward in the system. Useful to maintain always showing relevant data on KPIs, Charts, etc. Business Intelligence cubes can also be updated automatically by this utility.


  • Switch currencies: utility for interchanging two currencies in the system. Useful, for making the main currency and related transactions of the standard demo data your prospect local currency – Exchange rates, currency descriptions, etc. are also interchanged by the utility. Business Intelligence cubes can be also updated automatically by this utility.





Once installed, the utilities can be accessed on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 through Basic / Periodic / Demo utilities:


The demo data customization snap can be accessed in the provided MS Excel workbook : Demo data customization Tool.xlsx


 Installation – Demo data utilities

These files are designed to be installed on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Demonstration VMs: Refresh 3.5 and 4

Note: An old version of these utilities are already installed on Refresh 3.5 and 4 VMs, however the above installation is required to upgrade them.

User Guide

 User guide – Demo data utilities

It contains useful tips on how to use these utilities.

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