The Wii60 Expereince

I alluded to my purchase of the Nintendo Wii but I really didn’t talk about the system itself.  The Wii is the ultimate party box as far as I’m concerned for those of you that still meet people in person.  The innovation of the Wiimote controller gives the system a universal appeal for games in…


I got my Xbox360 back and am playing Lumines

I said I’d follow up when I got my 360 returned to me from support. I actually got it back before I left for vacation a couple weeks ago. They told me it would take 10 business days round trip and I think I got it back in around 4-5 business days.  They opted to…


More on rich online developer profiles from joe

Joe Morel’s Blog : Forums Reputation Phase 3 – Profiles. I used to think that rich profiles were dumb—that they were really only something that were only used by teenagers hell-bent on getting the latest and greatest AIM virus. Then I saw the Forums. Wow. Now those were great profiles. Why? The profiles mattered….


Via: Xbox 360 Fanboy – MS exec hints at Halo spin-off?

Could Bungie be planning two Halo games, one continuing the original Covenant blasting storyline and the other a related squad-based strategy game, RPG or RTS? What if the “other” Halo game gets released first? MS exec hints at Halo spin-off? – Xbox 360 Fanboy. I would LOVE to see a 360 RTS set in the…


Xbox 360 Gamercard Integration is Cool

Sure, I’m biased, but Microsoft did a LOT of things right with the 360.  It was super easy to post my gamercard on the side of the blog.  Here’s how to set your up today. I’m amazed with the richness and integration of data they managed to squeeze into this space that. I changed my avatar online by…


Put your old Xbox to good use as a Media Center Extender

I was one of the lucky ones who received their Xbox 360 on day 1. Right away I knew that I wasn’t going to be doing much looking back short of running Halo 2 through backward compatibility mode. I sold all but five of my original Xbox games, but kept the system itself because I…


Putting those Halo 2 RSS Feeds to Use

I’ve been subscribed to my own Halo 2 RSS feed for a while now. At first I thought it was super cool, but recently I’ve struggled to find a good use for it other than noting “Wow, I played over 100 games of halo this weekend” by the new post count.  Well, today, Scott Reynolds…


Halo 2: It’s the Small Things

I know this isn’t a developer blog post, but I just can’t have this conversation with my wife.  She wants to hear about Halo 2 about as much as I want to hear about the latest “Real World” marathon on MTV.    What I love about the Bungie team is the attention to detail.  I…


Halo 2: The Sammamish Launch and My Halo RSS Feed

My local EB Games store in Sammamish WA called Sunday to inform me that they would be allowing people to show up at midnight tonight to pick up their pre-order of Halo 2.  Maybe I’ll see you there. I doubt the party will be a wild in Sammamish as some of the other locations, but I’m…


What I’ve been Waiting for… Progressive Scan Xbox Dashboard Available

I haven’t made a post that fit into my Xbox category for a while, but if this is true I’m going to be one happy customer who can now throw out the cheap switch I had rigged up. Yes, I know this post is not work related, but its hard to think about work…