MVP Learnings: User Groups, Web Sites, and Feedback

User Groups We do great at participating in our conferences, but we don’t focus on the breadth of developer user groups like we should. One of the better ideas was that we provide “presentation kits” to user groups. We create a topic and a talk with additional materials that could be distributed to a network…


What I learned at the MVP Summit: DPE, MSDN Links, and Attention

I spent a lot of time at the MVP summit this past year. My team doesn’t have any MVPs, but our work is obviously valuable to customers. I’ll thank the C# team for graciously inviting us to spend some time talking with their MVPs. I took a whole lot of notes that have already started…


2006 Microsoft Developer Out of Box Releases

So Visual Studio 2005 shipped last year. We shipped a service pack in 2006, but in addition to working onthe service pack and the next version of Visual Studio team’s in Developer Division have also shipped a lot of cool stuff “out of box”.  Here is a quick list I put together… Update #2: Forgot…


Nobody Reads Your Internal Site

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it’s probably true.  You know that slick site you put together on the intranet?  The one you spent time brainstorming about so that every bit of information conveys what you want your teams to know. The one you spent countless hours re-organizing information on. The…


Kudos to MSDN for making support options clearer

Check out:   A little late on my part, but great work on the new MSDN support page Katie & the MSDN team!  It’s a great step in the right direction for helping customers navigate their support options.  Some clear improvements here over the older pages include:  This should be driving more traffic to the forums….

Refactor String Resources to Resx Files in Vb.Net and C#

Last week our team released the 1.0 beta of a new refactoring menu option for Visual Studio 2005.  Bertan, the developer, has the details on his blog. The Resource Refactoring Tool provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files. We have finished working on the beta version…

What do you think about CTPs?

Brian Harry wants to know.  We’ve always had a concern about the quality of the CTPs we release, but are torn between increasing the quality, but reducing the frequency.  What we found with the monthly frequency of CTPs as opposed to the classic “wait for beta quality” approach is that we received more valuable real…


Creating a simple multi-install package for your customers

If you’ve downloaded something like the “Google Pack” in the past and wanted something like that for your companies products. Something that, with a small footprint, lets users pick and choose a suite of components to install, downloads the requested components on request, and installs them all in one swoop.  Then I’d recommend you check…


Download hotfixes without contacting support!

I’m thrilled to say that today we’ve launched the Devdiv hotfix Public Availibility Pilot Program.  This pilot program will allow you to download the most frequently requested Visual Studio 2005 hotfixes without having to contact Microsoft Developer Support.  For more information about this pilot and a list of hotfixes that are available for download please visit the pilot…


Browse and discover MSDN and Technet Blogs by Tags!

Unfortunately it’s not listed on the home page, but you can now navigate around our blogs by the tags being used by the bloggers. The new pages are located here: You can also subscribe to feeds of posts for particular tags. Check out this feed, for example, for posts tagged with “Visual Studio”….