Ship It

Scoble is right.  All the research, value proposition positioning, and market playbooks can’t save you from looking like a copycat.  Waiting that extra year or even months to perfect something for the web certainly doesn’t win you any customer mindshare. The read write web means that people become more invested in a web site.  If I’m…


What do you think about CTPs?

Brian Harry wants to know.  We’ve always had a concern about the quality of the CTPs we release, but are torn between increasing the quality, but reducing the frequency.  What we found with the monthly frequency of CTPs as opposed to the classic “wait for beta quality” approach is that we received more valuable real…


Will Live QnA suffer the Same Fate as Yahoo Answers?

You tell me. I have 10 invites to hand out to the first folks that send me thier e-mail address. I’ll post your comments about the service to my blog if you send them back to me as well.


Feedback Request on Visual Studio 2005 Look & Feel

Aaron is responsible for a lot about how Visual Studio looks, feels, and behaves as an application.  He’s looking for some feedback about Visual Studio 2005 and has some specific questions.  Feel free to leave your comments/suggestions here: I know my opinions count less since I work here, but my biggest complaints are mirrored…


Communities Test Team Hiring

Microsoft people forward me lots of Job descriptions.  Some of them are more interesting than others. I’m sure there are still a few people reading my blog interested in software testing.  If I was looking for an SDET job the following description is from one team I would seriously consider.  Why would I get out of…


Hire People that are Good for your Customer Community

We’re trying to change the culture here. Its no secret. We want people who work on Developer Tools to have regular interactions with our customers. Part of a culture change involves a shift in the people.   I guess this is sort of my plea to Microsoft employees who might be reading this and interviewing people…


My Thoughts on the MSDN Feedback Center

Overall I know it’s a great thing and there are some issues that need to be improved over time for it to be truly successful.  I may be a little close to the project since my co-workers are responsible for the Feedback Center, but I think I’m still allowed to have opinions and air them…


How can Model Testing help test low level functions?

It has taken me way to long to respond to this comment from Scott.  re: For Testers: Nihit Kaul Talks Up Model Based Testing It appears that model based testing forces you to define the various actions your application can take (add, edit, delete, rename, etc.) and when it can take those actions. But I…


For Testers: Nihit Kaul Talks Up Model Based Testing

It was my belief as a test lead and is still my belief.  To test a product with any amount of interesting complexity you need to find good ways to reduce a reliance on manual processes.  If you test manually you need automation.  If you are writing a test plan you need to have a…


New MS Testing Tool for Verifying Accessibility Now Available

Sara publicly released MSAAVerify today.  She has been working on it part time for two years and I know is excited to have “shipped“ it.  This tool has recently been picked up by several teams at Microsoft for verifying the accessibility of their software and is even taught as part of the “Testing Excellence” class taken by…