OCU2007 Notes: Establishing Culture and Guidelines in Community

There was a lot of good discussion in this one, but I tried taking notes on my windows mobile phone.  I’d say it was an experiment to see what would happen if I had “twittered” a session or if I just wanted to make sure I thought about the notes I took… but the truth…


OCU Notes: Increasing User Particpation in Online Communities

Incentives Influencer relationships such as the MVP program Connect them to your product teams so they get insider information Software coupons and give-aways. New reward every year. Need rigorous process to qualify the MVPs Visual, Branded, recognition is important. Meet in person at the Microsoft Summit. Help your customers be successful by helping them develop…


Ads in Online Communities Session at OCU 2007

Question: Should there be ads in the community? Some people don’t care, some people are really opinionated. The consensus was that “if they are done right”.  Question: What are the different methods of putting ads on new Community Sites Babycenter.com owned by Johnson and johnson so banners are injected every tenth post. Big enough companies…


Hello from the Online Community Unconference

I’m at the computer history museum in the valley attending the Online Community Unconference.  I’ll try and blog notes as a take them, but the pace looks to be fast and I’m not sure I’ll be able to capture much in a consumable form for anyone other than myself. I’ll try.