More Talk About Points and Reputation

Brain, a PM on the site, discusses the element of adding game like systems into discussion forums. While over at the site they’ve recently created a new point system.  What do all the web dev guys think about their system? Update: Here is the description of the Asp.Net site point system….

Good Comments about the Virtual Forum Economy

Feels like this concept is more tested than I imagined. There are some good comments from the post I made last week. I also got an offline pointed to this presentation:  This covered a lot of the concepts that I’d been thinking about. 

A Virtual Economy for Forums?

While I was in China the forum engineers pointed us at some of the more popular forums.  These forums had an interesting Virtual economy.  Rather than simply rewarding points for participation users could also exchange their reputation between one another.  One example of this is  Our friends in Shanghai translated their rules for us…


Collapse all Forums By Default?

We are looking at ways to improve both the page load times and discovery of the forums on the default page.  The proposal we are looking at is to collapse all the forums on this page by default and to use script (rather than the current postback mechanism) to expand each list.  This also…


It’s currently -53 degrees Celsius

And although this entry won’t post until possibly Monday I’m currently two and a half hours into a 10 flight to Tokyo. From there it’s simply a short hop over to Shanghai where I’ll be spending the next week working with the developer support staff that will be helping customers out in our online communities….


How do you take your developer support?

  This is an interesting thread that shows the search habits of folks on C9. What stuck out to me was that it shows that no search should be inclusive by default. Meaning that the forum search should also be searching other relevant content on MSDN like blogs and wiki content. And then there is…


Nobody Reads Your Internal Site

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it’s probably true.  You know that slick site you put together on the intranet?  The one you spent time brainstorming about so that every bit of information conveys what you want your teams to know. The one you spent countless hours re-organizing information on. The…


Kudos to MSDN for making support options clearer

Check out:   A little late on my part, but great work on the new MSDN support page Katie & the MSDN team!  It’s a great step in the right direction for helping customers navigate their support options.  Some clear improvements here over the older pages include:  This should be driving more traffic to the forums….

My Thinkweek: The Evolution of Customer Support

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately.  All that extra keytapping, however, was going towards a Thinkweek paper that was submitted just thirty minutes prior to the deadline at 4:30pm yesterday.  My paper, entitled “The Evolution of Customer Support”, is the sum of a body of work that myself and others have put into defining what customer…


What if the MSDN Forums where based on Live QnA?

Just indulge my thought experiment here.  This is not a commitment or even a direction, but more of a…  “brain fart” if you will.  What if the MSDN Forum site, instead of forum like, was more live QnA like?  What if we just used Live QnA?   If you haven’t checked out Live QnA yet then…