Google makes your code prettier

Something I’d love to see Microsoft do more of is small, simple, solutions to annoying problems that would delight customers.  Here is a perfect example. Google Gode Prettifier A simple Javascript and CSS file, the Google Code Prettifier makes syntax highlighting in a web document super easy. It’s pretty flexible too. According to the project…


Something you don’t see everyday at Microsoft

Source: Sara Ford’s WebLog : Influencing the Microsoft culture one open source presentation at a time The thing I love most about my job is being creative in how I’m trying to get an idea or message across, especially when it comes down to challenging the Microsoft culture.   So, it’s probably a safe bet that…


Strong free one two combination for creating localized applications

So you started your application and now realize you’ve hardcoded strings and you need to start offering localized version.  There are two freely available tools you can use to help with this transition.  Step One: Remove hardcoded strings and put them in resource files.  Our team released the 1.0 version of the Resource Refactoring tool…


Testing Community Based Open Source projects for corporations

John’s blog postings on testing open source projects where recently picked up by Mary Jo.  Not bad PR for the work our team has been doing and good lessons to read if your team is looking at taking components open.  Our team has learned many lessons about the open source world since we released our…


2006 Microsoft Developer Out of Box Releases

So Visual Studio 2005 shipped last year. We shipped a service pack in 2006, but in addition to working onthe service pack and the next version of Visual Studio team’s in Developer Division have also shipped a lot of cool stuff “out of box”.  Here is a quick list I put together… Update #2: Forgot…


Refactor String Resources to Resx Files in Vb.Net and C#

Last week our team released the 1.0 beta of a new refactoring menu option for Visual Studio 2005.  Bertan, the developer, has the details on his blog. The Resource Refactoring Tool provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files. We have finished working on the beta version…


Creating a simple multi-install package for your customers

If you’ve downloaded something like the “Google Pack” in the past and wanted something like that for your companies products. Something that, with a small footprint, lets users pick and choose a suite of components to install, downloads the requested components on request, and installs them all in one swoop.  Then I’d recommend you check…


Office Prank Video: Developer + Igloo = Productivity

In the middle of August Bertan took a 4 week vacation to get married. Well, as is a grand Microsoft tradition, we had to do something to his office. It took us two weeks to come up with the idea. In the end we went on a hunch and decide to build an igloo. This…


Latest Video from Developer Solutions on "Going Open"

Sara recently attended OSCON and wanted to give our team a recap of what she learned there. We figured it would be good education for softies and non-softies if we filmed it and published the video to the Internet.  Check out her presentation on Port 25!


Demo night to motivate teams?

During our team’s sprints we’ve started striving for “Demo Fridays” where our Friday scrum meeting is extended for team members to show off new functionality/prototypes they’ve implemented during the week.  Recently they started this for the division to show off new stuff all across the Orcas wave.  I’ve personally come to really like the idea….