Curt Shilling – The Robert Scoble of Baseball?

 You know, the person that everyone listens to, makes outlandish statements that may offend people on occasion, and then has to issue statements like this… Everyone has days and events in life they’d love to push the rewind button on, yesterday was one of those days. Regardless of my opinions, thoughts and beliefs on anything…


This post is not worth reading

There are a lot of small things I’ve neglected blogging about and I figured I could make up for it in one post that covers a bunch of ground.  Self employed Ledgard: The obvious one has been watching Gretchen transition from the steady paycheck comfort of Microsoft to self employment.  Our plan was for one…


For the winner of the Fantasy Baseball League…

People have asked me to post the picture, so here it is… To the winner of the Fantasy baseball league I’ve started will go this mint condition creepy Eric Rudder bobble head.  🙂 There are still a few more slots open.  Send mail to if you’d like an invite.


Yes, this was painful

The following midless linkage is painful for Red Sox fans.  And, had I not witnessed them complete one of the best comebacks of all-time in 2004 against the yankees, I don’t think i could even link to this.  But it’s all in the past now so…   decided to re-enact Game Six of the 1986 World Series…


Up for some Fantasy Baseball?

If you’d like to play some fantasy baseball against softies and folks on my baseball team let me know.  Send mail to or leave a reply here and I’ll send you the invite.  First come first serve. We have to complete the draft by the end of April.   I’ll try and post some regular recaps…


Whats Wrong with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

The Red Sox are back in first place today and coincidentally are the FOX game of the week… unless you live on the west coast.  Then you get to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on FOX instead.  There are no other baseball games to watch because Fox has exclusivity on the Saturday timeslots for baseball…


Some of the things I love about baseball

Sandyk wrote an excellent post that I believe captures why many people remain die-hard baseball fans in an age where soccer, football, and basketball are taking over. “There’s a ton of beauty in baseball.  There is indeed flux and it occurs in each individual count, each inning, each game, each week, and each season.  Every…


No more Gmail for Charity with New Google Stance

I won’t accept any more paypal donations towards the MSBaseball Charities for Gmail accounts per the new google policy.  Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far.  I’ll have to think of some other plans to raise the remaining $60 I need to read my initial goal.


MSBaseball Charity Update

As of this moment I’ve collected $430 for the MSBaseball Challenge charities.  I’ll thank everyone who has contributed again and extend a most recent thanks to Marko, William, Brian, Joseph, and Matthew.  All of whom should be getting their g-mail invites as I write this.  Enjoy and feel free to send me mail to jledgard…


More Gmail Invites to Give Away for Charity

Thanks to a bunch of Gmail invite donations I’m going to open up my offer again.  Donate at least $10 and I’ll make sure you get an invite.  I’m up to $271 collected so far for the MSbaseball Challenge charities. Sal, Marko, and David were the most recent recipients.  I’ll also thank Matt and Jeremy…