Great tips on ramping up online user communities

There is truth in every recomendation from the following post.


Source: Creating Passionate Users: User Community and ROI

In Building a User Community Part 1 we talked about the importance of not only a strict "There Are No Dumb Questions" policy, but also an even more dedicated "There Are No Dumb Answers" message.

Today, this post will offer a few more tips on how to use your marketing budget (tiny as it may be) to build, support, and grow a user community from the beginning...

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  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Agreed, some sound advice at that link.

    The issue of freebies, although, is a sore point with many people, particularly in a Microsoft context–as others like Nick Paldino have pointed :-).  There’s a couple of double-edges swords here: rewarding only users that can answer questions or have been around longer alienate the other users.  The issue of perceived payola is also extra Microsoft-hater fodder that just ends up hurting the cause.  They’re relatively minor in the grand scheme of things…

    Swag as a promotional tool is another story… you’re not "rewarding" (aka "paying") people for their work–everyone has an equal chance of getting it.

    With a points-based system, the ability to exchange points for this type of swag, I think, would be more readily acceptable.

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