Linkage: Microsoft and cool: so close yet so far :)

Source: The JobSyntax Blog : Microsoft and cool: so close yet so far 🙂 Anyway, I love the end of the article, in which Fred reveals that a Microsoft employee inadvertently emailed him PR’s file on him, Wired, and Microsoft’s talking points surrounding efforts like Channel 9 and On10.  Love it.  So classic Microsoft.  Cringe, cringe, sigh……


Nothing to see here

Of course the following story would be comical if I could say that nothing like this ever happens here. Source: AOL: Powerpoint paralysis – Valleywag …Straightforward enough. Splice in the different databases, slap a name on the product, pray. Not for AOL. The company engaged a top-tier naming agency, evaluated 120 different options, tested the…


Google makes your code prettier

Something I’d love to see Microsoft do more of is small, simple, solutions to annoying problems that would delight customers.  Here is a perfect example. Google Gode Prettifier A simple Javascript and CSS file, the Google Code Prettifier makes syntax highlighting in a web document super easy. It’s pretty flexible too. According to the project…


Facilitate Knowledge Transfer in Online Communities

I’m often asked how products teams can best participate in their online communities.  It would be simple to say “go talk to customers” and be done with it, but you can have a more targeted approach than that.  They key to successful support communities is facilitating knowledge transfer between those with product expertise and a customer…


Great tips on ramping up online user communities

There is truth in every recomendation from the following post.   Source: Creating Passionate Users: User Community and ROI In Building a User Community Part 1 we talked about the importance of not only a strict “There Are No Dumb Questions” policy, but also an even more dedicated “There Are No Dumb Answers” message. Today,…


Forums are now as simple as a widget

The interesting thing is that the same forum could be hosted in different widgets on different sites if I read the post correctly. Freewebs continues to add to their widget catalog with their new forums widget. This customizable plug-in is available for use on your Freewebs page or on another website. Wherever the “widgetized” forum…


Viacom to YouTube: Zip It… Zip it good

I think the clip says it all, but incase it doesn’t… NEW YORK (Reuters) – Media conglomerate Viacom Inc. said on Tuesday that it was suing Google Inc. and its Internet video-sharing site YouTube for more than $1 billion over unauthorized use of its programming online. Source: Viacom in $1 bln copyright suit vs Google,…


Don’t taunt happy fun ball

Or Wikipedia 🙂 The comments on all the linked entries are just comical all around. 


Meet up at the MVP Summit? Call Josh

I work on the Developer Division Customer connection team. I have no MVPs. There’s a bit of irony to that. This means that it is very hard for me to schedule ANY official time with MVPs at our annual MVP summit. What I can do is steal your unofficial time to talk about developer communities,…


Having an open mind towards leaks

Recently a blog post was made by a Microsoft employee who was excited about the new team he was joining. His post hinted at the new product by mentioning the potential competitors.  Probably something that sholdn’t have been done, but I don’t really feel that it should be big news that we would be working…