Collapse all Forums By Default?

We are looking at ways to improve both the page load times and discovery of the forums on the default page.  The proposal we are looking at is to collapse all the forums on this page by default and to use script (rather than the current postback mechanism) to expand each list.  This also means that we'd leverage cookies to remember what groups you had expanded when you last visited the forum site.


  • Faster page load

  • Quickly scan all the forum group names

  • Remembering what you last opened for quicker navigation to your favorite forums.


  • Can't CTR-F to find a forum out of the complete list

  • Can't just scroll down through the forum list

  • Have to expand/collapse multiple times to find the forum you might want

What are your thoughts? You can also leave your feedback here:


Comments (1)

  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Gotta have Ctrl-F; without it, there’s no way to discover which forum to post to.

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