Devdiv Brought Career Compass Down

This afternoon was time that several teams had set aside to work on their career discussion documents via the new http://careercompass tool.  Apparently everyone was really enthusiastic about working on their careers and the site is currently down.  I’m sure it’s nothing big, but I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing…

Ship It

Scoble is right.  All the research, value proposition positioning, and market playbooks can’t save you from looking like a copycat.  Waiting that extra year or even months to perfect something for the web certainly doesn’t win you any customer mindshare. The read write web means that people become more invested in a web site.  If I’m…

Testing Community Based Open Source projects for corporations

John’s blog postings on testing open source projects where recently picked up by Mary Jo.  Not bad PR for the work our team has been doing and good lessons to read if your team is looking at taking components open.  Our team has learned many lessons about the open source world since we released our…

More Talk About Points and Reputation

Brain, a PM on the site, discusses the element of adding game like systems into discussion forums. While over at the site they’ve recently created a new point system.  What do all the web dev guys think about their system? Update: Here is the description of the Asp.Net site point system….

Bad cover letters

My favorite are letters sent to me at Microsoft, but that personally address Bill Gates in their request for employment.  “Dear Mr. Gates, I would be honored to be in your employ”… sent to me.  More bad cover letters.


Good Comments about the Virtual Forum Economy

Feels like this concept is more tested than I imagined. There are some good comments from the post I made last week. I also got an offline pointed to this presentation:  This covered a lot of the concepts that I’d been thinking about. 

A Virtual Economy for Forums?

While I was in China the forum engineers pointed us at some of the more popular forums.  These forums had an interesting Virtual economy.  Rather than simply rewarding points for participation users could also exchange their reputation between one another.  One example of this is  Our friends in Shanghai translated their rules for us…


Crazy Blogging

I can’t keep up with Gretchen’s blogs anymore.  She has the company and blog.  She is also blogging and marketing for  Then, this week, we decided we wanted a site for personal blogs.  I really don’t want to bore you people with my thoughts on wine, cooking, and pictures of our dogs and…


Since people have had thumbs

They have been giving each other thumbs up or thumbs down.  Then, in a rewrite of history, Digg was invented and if you believe the sites rabid fans figured out that you could give content thumbs up or down for content rating.  Oh, I forget, they added a gradient box with a bevel that surrounds the running…


Product Feedback Meets Digg at Yahoo

Via the Yodel Blog We call it a Suggestion Board — you can browse suggestions from other site visitors or post your own. Digg-style voting means we can quickly discover what’s most important to users. In addition to reading feedback from other users, you’ll find responses from Yahoo! employees about the issues. Product teams regularly…