So Much for Hotel Food

Today we went out for lunch with a few of the team members and leads here.  It was actually more than a lunch as it was three team member Birthdays.  I made sure to get the bottled soda, but amidst the bowls of food put in front of us ended up eating pig intestines, blood tofu, and green tea ice cream.  I'll let you guess the order of best to worst tasting.

Here is a place I photographed this morning that we could have eaten at. 🙂

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  1. Sean.McLellan says:

    What? No spicy chickens feet, oyster balls or stinky tofu? Disappointing. 😉

  2. CRM Team Blog says:

    Hmm… you are more adventurous that I. The pictures are stellar.

  3. AsbjornM says:

    You should try something they call HotPot, sort of a soup and fresh meat, vegetables etc, and you cook it yourself at the table.

    A friend of me and his wife in china recomends it!

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