It’s currently -53 degrees Celsius

And although this entry won't post until possibly Monday I'm currently two and a half hours into a 10 flight to Tokyo. From there it's simply a short hop over to Shanghai where I'll be spending the next week working with the developer support staff that will be helping customers out in our online communities.

I've you've posted in the forums over at or MSDN and you've gotten a reply from one of these folks I'd love to hear about it... good or bad. 

I've never been to China and the advice I've received ranges from cautious to extreme.  Some folks hand me paper with Chinese written on it and tell me to hand it over to cab drivers... "you'll like it when you get there" and then some people have told me I should lock myself up in the hotel, drink bottled water, and eat only the beef jerky I brought with me.  I'm hoping for a trip that's somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. 

If there is someone reading my blog that lives in Shanghai feel free to send me mail and maybe I could meet another international reader.

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  1. Erik Porter says:

    Have a safe trip and enjoy!  đź™‚

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