This city is crazy big… you want Gucci?

You can’t capture the enormity of Shanghai in a picture. There really isn’t a location that lets you see the “skyline” because the skyline is all around you and extends so far that you can’t see the edges of the skyscrapers.  The picture here is really just one small part of the skyline.  We drove…


So Much for Hotel Food

Today we went out for lunch with a few of the team members and leads here.  It was actually more than a lunch as it was three team member Birthdays.  I made sure to get the bottled soda, but amidst the bowls of food put in front of us ended up eating pig intestines, blood tofu,…


The Daily Show is on CNN?

What would Jon Stewart say? I stumbled upon “The Daily Show” in regular rotation on CNN Global while I was trying to fall asleep last night. A great surprise for this traveler, but I found it strangely ironic when he started bashing the “24 hour news networks”.  And of course they where hyping that Bill…


One Part New England + One Nascar = Shanghai Taxi

Made it to my hotel room tonight in Shanghai.  The ride from the Airport was an adventure. We started 45 minutes out, but the driver said he was going to “make time”.  He didn’t lie. He flashed more cars with high beams than a Girls Gone Wild TV spot and I think he was also…


It’s currently -53 degrees Celsius

And although this entry won’t post until possibly Monday I’m currently two and a half hours into a 10 flight to Tokyo. From there it’s simply a short hop over to Shanghai where I’ll be spending the next week working with the developer support staff that will be helping customers out in our online communities….


This might be a bad time to ask for advice about Seattle

I was asked recently if I had any advice for people that might be considering the move to Seattle and possibly Microsoft. Given that Tuesday was the 4th day in the last week I’ve been trapped at the top of a road turned ice-skating rink it might be a bad time to ask. Anyway, here is…


2006 Microsoft Developer Out of Box Releases

So Visual Studio 2005 shipped last year. We shipped a service pack in 2006, but in addition to working onthe service pack and the next version of Visual Studio team’s in Developer Division have also shipped a lot of cool stuff “out of box”.  Here is a quick list I put together… Update #2: Forgot…


Is HD Video Dead on Arrival?

I’m glad that the Xbox team hedged their bets on next generation digital video. I’m not convinced, like Robert, that HD video is going to take off in the next 10 years outside of the TV realm. I’m not even convinced it will be much of a service differentiator. Why do I think this? Tech adoption…


How do I find out what’s running when I start windows

And furthermore.. how do i turn it off?  I was recently asked what application you should use to detect programs and services that run when you start windows.  While it’s not my area of expertise I would personally recommend Autoruns. It’s fairly comprehensive, links to online searches, is free of additional spyware, and works on…


5 Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by Brain Harry in the 5 things you may not know about me meme. 1. I love cooking… and not just because Gretchen leaves the kitchen looking like a tornado hit after producing grilled cheese sandwiches. Her Christmas gifts to me included subscriptions to Cooking Light & Food and Wine magazine. I…