Questions about the Zune… Let’s Fix the Internet

I’ve been tempted to get one or two Zune’s for the Ledgard family, but there are some questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to on the internet.

I don’t have the answers, but with the slew of zune posts around the internet I have a feeling that someone with the device can answer these for everyone.  Help me patch these holes in the internet and make a more informed buying decision. 🙂

About Windows Media Center Integration

  • Q. Can Zune Marketplace purchased songs be streamed through media center extenders? What about songs from the subscription service?

    • A. (potential) I've been told by people that zune purchased files work in WMP11 and therefore inside windows media center, but I haven't seen it confirmed yet.

  • Does the Zune automatically sync with Media Center video and TV recorded content?

  • Does the Zune download and properly place Album art for your music libraries (already ripped) so that you can have good album art in Media Center? 

  • Q: Bonus about Xbox 360 Integration:  Will we be able to sync videos (and soon TV) that is purchased off of the Xbox Live Marketplace with our Zune? What about Zune purchased videos on xbox?

    • A: (Partial) Thanks to Ron who found a link to this page that does indeed verify that you'll be able to stream content from the zune software to your xbox 360.  Now the only part of this question left is about going the other direction with content purchased off of the Marketplace.


  • How has importing libraries and playlists form iTunes worked for you?

  • Can you use windows media connect or the zune software to stream music between multiple computers in the house?

  • Do you think the site itself should actually be more… social?  I was surprised that it didn’t duplicate the forums and social networking services ala  They could have had playlist sharing, Zunetag pics ala gamertag pics that show the last few bands I’ve played, etc. I can dream right?

  • How do you like yours so far?

Pointers to Zune Supported File Types


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    Does this provide some of the answers you are looking for?

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    My blog post responding to yours (since I didn’t link the right way to get a trackback…)

  3. Anybody who’s ever been over my house knew that this was going to happen, and it wasn’t going to take

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