Download hotfixes without contacting support!

I’m thrilled to say that today we’ve launched the Devdiv hotfix Public Availibility Pilot Program.  This pilot program will allow you to download the most frequently requested Visual Studio 2005 hotfixes without having to contact Microsoft Developer Support.  For more information about this pilot and a list of hotfixes that are available for download please visit the pilot…


My Day at the Blog Business Summit

“Hi, my name is Jana and I’m here to talk about Microsoft’s Lessons Learned from MSDN Community Blogs and Channel 9′”.   Unfortunately Jana wasn’t able to attend the Blog Business Summit and I had to take her place on a panel about Microsoft’s lessons learned through community engagement.  I only wish I had a shirt…


Browse and discover MSDN and Technet Blogs by Tags!

Unfortunately it’s not listed on the home page, but you can now navigate around our blogs by the tags being used by the bloggers. The new pages are located here: You can also subscribe to feeds of posts for particular tags. Check out this feed, for example, for posts tagged with “Visual Studio”….


I got my Xbox360 back and am playing Lumines

I said I’d follow up when I got my 360 returned to me from support. I actually got it back before I left for vacation a couple weeks ago. They told me it would take 10 business days round trip and I think I got it back in around 4-5 business days.  They opted to…


This post is not worth reading

There are a lot of small things I’ve neglected blogging about and I figured I could make up for it in one post that covers a bunch of ground.  Self employed Ledgard: The obvious one has been watching Gretchen transition from the steady paycheck comfort of Microsoft to self employment.  Our plan was for one…


Live at OCS – A Tour of Innovation

Topic: On the Horizon: A Tour of Innovation Description: What are the most significant trends in social software as we look ahead 24 months?Introductory comments: Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research Community Technologies Group & Ross Mayfield, Socialtext Last year this session talked about the emergence of mash-up applications and how your app, without an API, would be…


Live at OCS – Online to Offline Interactions

Again, this will be more notes that will grow and change over time rather than time based since it’s not a presentation.  2:00: Second breakout session. What are effective ways to mobilize your online community offline? ACLU Problem – People will click easily, but congressmen don’t care about e-mail and online petitions anymore since they…


Live at OCS – Mobile Communities Breakout Session

This is the first of two breakout sessions I’m going to attend. I’m skipping out on the “performance metrics” session since I’m tired of the metrics question.  From a conversation last night. “Your performance metrics (for collaboration) depend on the business goals of each project.”… and that about sums it up.  What are your higher…


Live at OCS – Community Business Models

9:50 Topic: Community Business ModelsWhat new opportunities and experience influence current online community business models.Introductory comments: Michael Sherrod, & Michel Thouati, Lithium Technologies 9:52: Michael from MyFamily is talking. They promise no slides and low tech. Brokerage: You build it as your marketplace. Merchant: You built it as a place for users to trade and…


Live at OCS – Demo Time

Good morning to all three of you interested in refreshing my blog regularly today!  The day has started with some demos. 8:30: Forum One – Speak Out – Is a unique chatting service they offer to their clients. You can schedule a chat and questions can come in and be approved in advance. Then the…