Building Live QnA Gadgets

Betsy has a great post on how to build live QnA gadgets. 

Live QnA is a question-and-answer service that emits data in XML format (RSS). While we do not offer at this time a specific API beyond the RSS feeds that you can generate from search, you will find this is actually a robust way to expose content for use by gadget developers through the use of what we call “metawords.” Metawords are similar to the keywords you put into search boxes, except they get more at the structure/state of the documents you are hunting for, rather than the contents.  This blog post includes...

  • Gadget Developer Resources

  • Link to Betsy’s QnA Tag Search Gadget

  • Instructions on how to scope strings for your QnA gadget

  • Long table of metawords and examples to use in your gadget


This is cool, but what I want to know is the answer to when blogging and QnA tools are going to merge.  Today I can go to a QnA site or Forum site to get my answers, but I can't post my question to my blog and have it propagate to experts. This is mostly because people who are experts in the areas I need help in aren't likely to be reading my blog. so I'm left in a vacuumed if I post questions to my blog. 

It would be really powerful if I could post a question to my blog (or even post an answer to a question) and have it reflected in the correct online expert community... where I would be notified about the answer. 

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